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During the month of November, 2005 alone, the terms “Search Engine Marketing” and “Internet Marketing” were searched over 1.5 million times. Clearly it’s an important topic, to you, your competition - and especially your business.

The bad news is, by some estimates, there are 17 BILLION web pages on the Internet, all seeking to market their thoughts, ideas or products. Getting heard, much less getting seen, among so great and diverse a group takes effort and attention to detail. The good news is, that while many businesses on the Internet are marketing though a very attractive site, few are doing an excellent job making their sites search engine marketing savvy. That means for an appreciable period of time, there is still good opportunity for anyone, including the little guy! In the centuries old story of David and Goliath, the giant was slain with a well placed stone from a youthful shepherd’s sling. Today you can confront the giant and win too…..  if the giants today are corporations, the modern stone is absolutely a search engine!

Quality search engine marketing is little more than commingling of the understanding of computers, search engines, marketing and buying psychology.  It’s 70% science (the text and coding of the pages) 20% art (knowing what to say to influence users) and 10% perspiration (willingness to monitor and tweak for better effectiveness and re-tweak when the competition does.)  There are few people who have a handle on all three, and that’s your edge. That you are reading this page is testimony that we know how to do it – all you have to do is place us on your team!

We offer varying services to improve the search engine marketing effectiveness of your web site.  The following services are offered at $55/hour.

Site Reviews:  (4-7 hours average.)  We’ll analyze your web site’s traffic patterns, search engine rankings, the actual words on your pages including marketing cues, the page and navigation structures, design, art & photography quality, file names, meta tags and key words, captions, inbound links and at least 10 other criteria! You’ll get a written report and receive a phone consultation with ample time to ask any questions you like. We’ll make specific suggestions for improvements. Many businesses report being amazed at the difference in their web site's performance after adopting our recommendations.

Creating and/or Monitoring Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns:  We’ll work within your budget to create cost effective and marketing savvy Pay Per Click campaigns and similar programs for you on Yahoo, MSN, Google, DogPile, LookSmart, Ask Jeeves, WebCrawler and others.  We’ll determine where you can compete against the big boys, and where you can’t, and exploit their weaknesses to give you the best bang for the buck! We’ll identify your best mix of quality keywords, write chic and alluring descriptions calculated to entice qualified potential buyers to your web page. We can dramatically accelerate the traffic at your web site giving you an ever new supply of customers. Initial program creation costs can vary considerably but often averages 4-7 hours. Monitoring is typically 2-3 hours monthly.

Meta Tag & Description Writing:   Fact: On average keywords are less important to search engines than they were a few years ago but it seems descriptions are more important than ever. Often search engines appear to consider them in ranking and several use them as the displayed description of your page(s). Think of us as image consultants. On many search engines, the first impression of your web site most users will have is your META Description. Maximum effectiveness requires meta keywords and descriptions be unique for each page of your website, written after analyzing historical user keyword requests, written to attract the search engine then prompt the user to action. Anticipate 2 hours for research and 20-30 minutes per page of your web site, with a minimum charge of $195.

Text Updates:   Do you want top search engine ranking? The text, the words on your web site, has to be changed often!  Quarterly is ok for some sites, monthly is recommended, weekly or daily is better. If you are not an author by nature, or feel overcommitted like many of us, hiring out your text updates is the best strategy. There are two types…

  Text Additions:   We will copy write your pages, writing new and original articles, as frequently as you choose, and add them to your web site. Over time, this will create a reference library of articles on your site—a great traffic builder.
  Text Manipulations:   You choose the schedule and we will regurgitate—or reword-- a percentage of the text on your site. We keep the thoughts and ideas, but the word order will be reinvigorated to keep your web site varied and fresh. To see an example of what we mean, click here.

You should update at least 10% of your site on a routine basis and because this service is adaptive and unique to your site, article and manipulation costs vary. Factors influencing cost include page length, the complexity of the subject matter and any research requirements. Many site tyext updates can be completed in 2-5 hours. On average we estimate .5 - 1 hour per page per occurrence for text manipulations. Call us at 603-369-1471 for more information or click here to request information
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