George C. Jobel
PO Box 6184
Penacook, NH 03303

A Master Web Site Designer

George C. Jobel has been creating small business and non profit web sites since 1995, when for most part, the Internet was viewed as little more than a novelty. Always very intuitive and quick to spot trends, Jobel and a business partner began creating simple business web pages for under $100 and sold scores, even during the first few months. Of course times have changed and today successful web sites typically require professional copywriting, a graphic artist and a marketing specialist & sometimes photography, registration technicians, programmers and/or a project manager, and that’s where Jobel is most valuable. Coordinating his team of Internet Specialists Jobel creates highly successful web sites matched to your business needs and budget, getting you the best bang for your buck. Bringing together all the necessary specialists, Jobel’s small business web sites average about $2,000, a small sum when you consider that each month you are likely to receive 100’s of qualified visitors to your online web page, and several of his sites receive 1,000’s each month.

Today Jobel serves clients in about 10 states, teaches various Internet classes and has been quoted worldwide on Internet issues. He has also served on the Boards of the NH Philharmonic Orchestra, the Retail Merchants Association of NH and various church and religious organizations. He is a devoted father with three daughters and several grandchildren and is a long time resident of Concord, NH. He loves to travel and his hobbies include hiking, fishing and flying.

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