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Jobs and Employment Opportunities Web designers, web developers, copywriters, editors and sales people wanted

About These Positions – We are the ultimate virtual office.  Everyone in these jobs is an independent contractor and works off site. You must be flexible, dependable and a good communicator as well as a self starter. Production positions are mostly part time, as needed but can be 60 or more hours a month and a strong attention to detail is important.  Sales can be full or part time. All rates are negotiable.
Production contractors receive work via a purchase order. They include:
Web Designers -- Successful candidates will work with a minimum of supervision and must be able to use supplied text to create elegant, fully functional web sites and/or maintain numerous existing web sites. A high skill level is necessary.

Designers are requested to view www.ma-guardianships.com, www.hammerworks.com and www.hampshirehills.com as indicative of the web design skill required for this position. If you feel able to create web sites of similar quality you are encouraged to send a brief resume, links to 3 of your best works, and all of your contact information to jobs@web-gurus.biz. If you have questions you may leave voice mail at 603-369-1471 - we will return your call within 24 hours.
Copywriters – Experienced writers are needed to write copy for web pages, client promotional articles and occasional collateral materials. Assignments usually require a phone interview with clients or online research.
Please read this whole web site. If you feel that you would be able to write pages of similar quality after a phone interview then please contact us. Include at least 5 examples of your writing and a complete resume to jobs@web-gurus.biz.
Editors – Experienced and credentialed editors are needed to review copywriters’ submissions.

Independent Representatives work at their pleasure and receive a lucrative percentage of sales. There are no territories, and no chargebacks, and because you are selling a business product, you can typically work banker's hours. Quality training is provided. Some leads are available but our experience shows that your personal networking is your best sales resource.

We are able to train you, and provide our services anywhere in North America. Please send a complete resume to jobs@web-gurus.biz.

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