George C. Jobel
PO Box 6184
Penacook, NH 03303
NH Web Site Designer
Web site design and proprietary sites to get you seen!

There are many web site designers in NH who can create wonderfully attractive web sites, and certainly a handful with some very talented marketing skills. However, we know none with comparable ability to bring you quality web site traffic.
In our 10+ years of being one of NH’s leading web site designers we have not only gained experience that is almost impossible to duplicate, but we hand developed directory and themed sites with the expressed intent to provide additional quality avenues to get your web site message to broader audiences.
Every day our proprietary pages are seen thousands of times. We will not only build a great web site for you, impressing search engines, but we can put you in front of some of our more than ½ million annual visitors.

DirectoryNH.com was launched in 2002 and was an immediate online hit.  Capitalizing on users’ frustrations with finding local businesses online, we developed a hand compiled and hand edited Directory of NH business web, entertainment, recreation and local government web pages. The site is viewed as many as 167,000 times monthly and is quick, intuitive, searchable and cross referenced.

NHStateParks.com is a site about federal, state and municipal parks in NH and was launched in 2001. Knowing that the public has difficulty finding comprehensive information about parks among the 6 or so administering authorities the site seeks to present the parks in one uniform fashion. The site was created after significant research, is liberally peppered with our own descriptions and photography and is the most significant NH park site anywhere online. The site’s traffic varies widely by season and receives a high of  95,000 page views monthly.

NewEnglandWeddingPlanner.com is a wedding resource for New England Brides. Having links to 100’s of New England companies, the site was begun in 2001. Traffic varies widely but is thousands monthly.

RecreationNH.com is a hand compiled directory of NH recreation websites. Begun in 2001 it’s colorful, easy to navigate and gets several thousand page views monthly.

HomeOfficeProfessional.com is a uniquely useful resource for small office and home office business owners. Part directory and part online newsletter, the site offers a plethora of tips, tricks and counsel for the little guy, busy trying to make a buck. Begun in 2001 the site gets a few thousand hits monthly.

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