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Your Score is:


94-109             Your website’s marketing IQ is well ahead of average. If it’s been online for 6 or more months, your business reputation is good and your product is competitively priced, your web site should be making a significant impact on your business.

85-93               You have a quality website, however, small tweaks can make big differences online. If you are satisfied with your web site’s sales performance, probably nothing need be done at this time. However, if you are experiencing any dissatisfaction a thorough site review is recommended.

77-84               Your site design may be wonderful but doubtless search engines aren’t seeing it or ranking it very well and that means poor traffic which in turn means poor sales. Invest more sweat equity and bring it up to speed or consider switching web designers to someone more marketing savvy. Remember that for most businesses the first 90% of sales go to pay materials and overhead and that a 5-10% sales increase can sometimes mean a 25-75% improvement in overall profits. Your web site’s poor performance is costing you lost sales. Make a change!

0-76                 You either know very little about the web site you own, OR you own a web site that is costing you hosting fees and bringing little or nothing in return. If it was an employee you would have fired it long ago as non-productive. Why then do you tolerate a non-productive web site? Get a new web site that will be an asset instead of a liability.

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