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Internet & Web Site Consulting

Have you ever wished there was someone you knew you could talk to, with a proven track record, to help you with your online presence. Maybe you have an existing web site that’s under performing and just need a hand. Maybe there is someone in your organization who can build a web site but needs some expert direction. Maybe you are planning a new web site and you want some objective counsel before hiring someone. Maybe you don’t know enough or have the time to tackle the job yourself!

Whatever your Internet or Web Site Consulting needs, we can give a hand!

Long before most people had heard about the Internet (July, 1995), we were building cost effective web pages. Today we still build web sites, but an increasingly significant percentage of our clients utilize us for Internet Consulting. Project management, marketing, design, web site evaluations – we do it all, and will doubtless save you time, headaches and money in the process, allowing you to concentrate on your bottom line.

Site Reviews average $249.  We’ll examine your site’s traffic patterns, search engine placement, the actual text on your pages, the photography, the page and navigation structures, design and art quality, meta tags, key words, file names, inbound links and so many other things that are now more important than ever! You’ll get a written and an oral report, and ample phone time to ask any questions you like. Many businesses see their online traffic double or triple after adopting our recommendations.

Marketing Analysis average $299.  How is your web site positioned in the online marketplace?  Have you found your niche? Are you priced competitively? Are you positioned online to target your primary demographics? What are the best strategies for improving your site's visibility? What are the best uses of your limited budget?  Sometimes a tweak can avoid a thud!

Marketing Placement averages $395.  We’ll create effective Pay Per Click advertising programs for you on Yahoo, MSN, Google and others.  Identifying a superior variety and quality of keywords, writing marketing savvy descriptions, creating the program to work within your budget from a handful of sites that all seemingly work very differently is a huge challenge for web site owners. We will do that for you! Without expert guidance many site owners spend tons of cash and all too often attract mostly tire kickers rather than buyers. We can dramatically improve your results! And, for an additional monthly fee, usually around $125, we can monitor and routinely tweak your online advertising, keeping you ahead of the competition at the price you wanted to pay!

Meta Tag & Description Writing averages $20-35 per page with a $195 minimum. While it’s true that keywords are somewhat less important than they used to be, often descriptions are more important than ever and if you want first page placement in the listings, everything about your site better be excellent! Meta tags and descriptions should be unique for each page, and should be written by someone with skilled online marketing experience. We’re delighted to help if we may!

Project Management is offered on a straight hourly basis and varies widely depending on the project.  Call for complete details, 603-369-1471.

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