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Devloping web site traffic is 1/4 art and 3/4's science

So… how do you develop web site traffic or do quality web site promotion?

Face it. Computers do what they’re told, nothing more, nothing less. Understanding how search engines work, then taking advantage of their preferences isn’t hard. You just have to read technical journals endlessly, modify page pages consistently, and always keep in mind the scores of things they are seeking on each and every one of your pages, and be able to absorb the bulk of it!

Feeling overwhelmed? You should!

Search engines use complex algorithms to determine natural listings. Of course each engine is different but in the aggregate we estimate they may examine and ‘grade’ as many as 80 different web site characteristic. If your ‘grade’ is 2% lower than the highest score and there are merely 6,800 results then your listing will be buried somewhere around Page 14, and results can commonly number in the tens of thousands or even millions relegating your site to Page 950 or worse.

Developing web site traffic takes knowledge, skill and patience. Strategies should be site, industry and location specific. Successful web site promotion strategies for a golf course would be vastly different than for a jeweler or for a computer repair shop, etc. and knowing the correct approach for each makes a world of difference. No matter what anyone says, one size does not fit all online. Can you go it alone? Absolutely! The real question to ask yourself is: “How long can you afford to lose sales?”

Depending on your site, product, location, fulfillment capacity, market penetration and budget we will suggest any number of the following web site traffic building strategies:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • AdWord Advertising
  • Banner Placement
  • Directory or Online Phone Book Placement
  • Reciprocal Link Development
  • Search Engine Submissions or Recurring Submissions
  • Press Releases
  • Double Opt In Email Advertising
  • Position Monitoring
  • Foreign Language Translations
  • Mailing Lists / Newsletters
  • Recurring Text Edits
  • Adding Music, Flash or Java
  • Adding a Useful Consumer Utility
  • Add Credibility Features
  • META Tag Review
  • Web Site Marketing Review
  • Text Review
  • Total Web Site Review

The BEST thing to do is call us 603-369-1471, let us ask a few questions, suggest a game plan, and give you straight answers to your many questions. We’re worth your time I promise.
After all, how long can you afford to lose sales?

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